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A Multidisciplinary Team Centered Around You.


  • Dr. Arielle Faden, DDS
  • Dr. Yoomi Heo, DDS
  • Dr. Otto Choi, DDS
  • Dr. Diana Hagan, DMD
  • Dr. Alex Sheen, DDS
  • Dr. Eshansh Arora, DDS
  • Dr. Preeti Gupta, DDS
  • Dr. Brandon McDonald, DDS
  • Dr. John Ding, DMD
  • Dr. Boris Kleyman, DDS
  • Dr. Andrea Mattia, DDS
  • Dr. Dmitry Stillman, DDS
  • Dr. Suhn Yoon, DMD
  • Dr. Shalini Patel, DMD
  • Dr. Sol Han, DMD


  • Dr. Mark Hausdorff, Medical Director
  • Dr. Tracey J. Krzanowski
  • Dr. Tuan Trinh
  • Dr. Emery Fisher

“The center’s front desk and medical staff were so informative and kind throughout the entire process. I cannot express the gratitude I felt for the amazing service we received. The doctor made my son feel at ease and he has never particularly liked doctors.”

– Abra Health Children’s Surgery Center Parent

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